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What the Heart Wants

August 29, 2022

After being stood up in Miami by her boyfriend and boss, Cirilla Matthews finds herself on a last-minute cruise to Bermuda with her bestie from college. All she wants to do is escape her problems and enjoy her summer break after teaching fifth-graders all year.

Matteo Cappelletti, a single father of two, owns a trucking company and has no social life whatsoever. When his son forces him to take a vacation, he meets a beautiful woman that has him reconsidering his decision to remain a bachelor.

Between the open seas, unlimited drinks, and Caribbean vibes, Cirilla and Matteo find themselves drawn to each other. Will they be able to put their grief aside long enough to discover what the heart truly wants?

Find out in this story about heartbreak, self-discovery, and newfound love.

Romance: Latest Work

Christmas With A Rich Stranger

A damsel in distress, undercover millionaire romance

Nicolette was anxious about spending the holidays with her boyfriend she met online. When her plans take a turn for the worse, a real-life knight comes to her rescue. Follow Nicolette as she navigates her way through a foreign city with a rich stranger.

Romance: Feature
When Two Bosses Collide ebook cover.jpg

When Two Bosses Collide

A bad girl/good cop romance

What if the one person you could truly connect with operates on the opposite side of the law?

Would you risk it all to cultivate the connection?

Lena Hill owns her own boutique and has a side hustle that generates a decent profit. When a family emergency causes her to take a last-minute trip to Miami, she gets the opportunity of a lifetime. While in town, she meets a man who challenges her ‘business before pleasure’ motto.

Romero Toussaint has dedicated almost two decades of his life to the agency, taking down criminals and keeping the city of Miami safe. When his superior forces him to vacation before closing a big case, he meets the beautiful, independent Lena. When things start to unfold between them, his morals are tested like never before.

Blinded by their emotions, Lena and Romero find themselves tangled up in a web of secrets. Secrets that may cause them both to lose their livelihood, maybe even their lives.

Find out what happens when two bosses collide in this bad girl/good cop romance.

Romance: Feature
Romance: Latest Work

A Little Holiday Spirit

December 16, 2022

After a recent breakup, the last thing Spirit Houston wants to do is face her parents, or her self-proclaimed failures, during Christmas. When her roommate insists she spends the holiday with her family back home, Spirit agrees to accompany her.

What she doesn't know is she will have to share a room with a complete stranger.

A sexy stranger.

Will they be able to coexist in the same space or drive each other nuts over the Christmas holiday?

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