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Summer is Here

Summer is finally here and the kids have been out of school for several weeks. As much as I love them, they are already eating up everything in the kitchen and using up all of my internet. And don’t let me forget about the disregard for my work time. Nevertheless, I enjoy having them around to run story ideas and plot lines by. To laugh at me when I’m dancing to Chris Brown or to send me to my room when I sing a song they don’t know. 

What an experience motherhood has truly been.

After I gave birth to my daughter in 2009, I didn’t know what my life would be like with three children. As a single mother working retail struggling to make ends meet, I continued to hold my head up and show up for them as best I could.

Fast forward to today, they are 25, 16, and 15, and I can’t help but to marvel at the amazing humans that God assigned to me. All sassy in their own right, which comes from me, but also smart, loving, and strong-willed. They keep me on my toes just like Caprice and Cadence in What the Heart Wants and Ny’Asia in Second Time Around, which are both single dad romances penned by yours truly.

Within the pages of these stories you’ll not only follow people falling in love, but also the children in their lives that helped shape them into who they are as individuals. Being a single parent isn’t easy, but it can be done. And sometimes we have to make sacrifices to ensure that our children are safe and have the best opportunities. 

Speaking of sacrifices, Dr. Josiah Mitchell is the main character of Second Time Around and he has to take on a side gig as an escort so he can come up with his daughter’s college tuition. Talk about doing anything for your kid. 

And let’s not forget about Matteo who owns a successful trucking company but has no social life whatsoever. Raising two kids alone hardly leaves room for anything else, especially love. 

Both of these characters, although fictional, are a reflection of me and my journey as a single parent. I had so much fun crafting their narratives and shining some light on what it looks like when love comes their way. 

My hope is that my stories will reach other single parents who have given up on finding true love. That they know anything is possible when you open your heart to the possibilities. And that love can spin the block for you no matter how much time has passed or what life has thrown your way. 

If you’re interested in checking out the two stories mentioned above, here’s a blurb and link for each one. Happy reading!

Second Time Around 

Dr. Josiah Mitchell is buried under a mountain of debt, while Marissa Howard struggles to fend off her mother's relentless matchmaking. When their paths cross, they hatch a plan: a fake relationship to solve their respective dilemmas. As they navigate the complexities of their arrangement, unexpected sparks ignite, blurring the lines between what's real and what's not. Can Josiah and Marissa control their emotions, or will their fake romance lead to something more?

Join them on a rollercoaster ride of humor, spice, and unexpected love in this charming tale of unlikely connections and daring choices.

What the Heart Wants

After being stood up by her boyfriend, Cirilla Matthews finds herself on a last-minute cruise to Bermuda with her best friend from college. All she wants to do is escape her problems and enjoy her summer break after teaching fifth graders all year.

Matteo Cappelletti, a single father of two, has no social life whatsoever. When his son forces him to vacation, he meets a beautiful woman who has him reconsidering his decision to remain a bachelor.

Between the open seas, unlimited drinks, and Caribbean vibes, Cirilla and Matteo find themselves drawn to each other. Will they put their grief aside long enough to discover what the heart truly wants?

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